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Roof garden is a modern proposal in the urban environment and aims to create a natural landscape for the creation of outdoor spaces on top of buildings.

As a consequence of intensive building in urban centers, outdoor spaces are disappearing and the results of this policy are felt by all of us. Planted roofs offer multiple benefits, energy, environmental & economic and contribute to improving the quality of life of residents in urban centers. In more detail, planted roofs reduce the temperature in urban centers and combat the phenomenon of the so-called urban heat island. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • They enhance the expected lifespan of the building, protecting the shell from extreme weather effects and reducing noise.
  • They make use of the forgotten terraces creating a beautiful environment with greenery where you can have quality time next to nature.
  • Με ένα φυτεμένο δώμα η κατανάλωση ενέργειας για την ψύξη μπορεί να μειωθεί ακόμα και κατά 30% το καλοκαίρι.