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PlantSpectrum is a reliable and long-term plant lighting partner that you can upgrade forever. Its sunlight mimicking spectrum grows any plant in any stage.

From laboratories and farms, to plant shops and fanatics.

The aluminum body ensures that the LED chips are cooled properly. By doing so, their spectrum remains stable throughout their entire lifespan. All parts are made corrosion and wear resistant thanks to the thick anodisation layer, assuring a maximum lifespan of the module.

True full-spectrum

Grow lights usually produce light in shades of pink-purple. PlantSpectrum is full-spectrum producing white light, which allows it to be used even as a normal lamp.

Next to its full-spectrum recipe with a 92% PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation), PlantSpectrum is designed to mimick sunlight like no other with its 97+ CRI (Color Rendering Index). This makes plants not only grow tall but also healthy, developing closer to original colors and flavors. Detect issues from the second they develop.

Eternal performance

Unfortunatly, current state of the art LED chips start to wear out after 50k hours. (~10 years). However, PlantSpectrum allows you to easily slide in a new LED board, making it the best investment on the market. Next to this truely eternal design we guarantee uptime with 4 years warranty on the LED board.

As easy as it gets

Worry free fully IP65 water and dustproof housing with modular mounting options. Comes with 2 mounting systems included. Clean in a single wipe and clean-room design approved. Our Plantdatabase and app guides you to setup any plant type at the correct distance and lighting rythm, making plant growth visible in a short time.


Technical Data

  • 4 year warranty worldwide on LED Board
  • 2 year warranty on other components, worldwide
  • PlantSpectrum32 Length: 794mm / 32”
  • CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) : 3914K
  • Color Ratio:






  • Peak: 452.9nm
  • Dominance: 581.6nm
  • CRI (Color Renderig Index): 97
  • PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation): 92%
  • PPFD ( Photosynthetic Photon Flux DENSITY)

Distance(cm):    0          5         10       20       30      40       50     60

μm/m2/s :       1581     332     196       75       43       30       22     16

  • Human Eye Light Intensity


  • Light Distribution Angle :120