Who we are


Agronomists Vekkos Kornilios and Konstantinos Papanastasopoulos have been working closely together since 2012, ten years later they created EcoVerti.

A commercial-manufacturing company with the aim of offering solutions, combining design and technology with agricultural science. The market's need for solutions in green building, prompted us to search for optimal technologies and products both in the field of roof gardens and vertical gardens, but also in interior design, combining traditional horticulture with modern architecture.


Who we are


Kostas Papanastasopoulos




Κορνήλιος Βέκος

Cornelius Vekkos


Agriculturalist of the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, Msc. in Agricultural Science, Msc. in Agricultural Engineering. Agricultural University of Athens, Athens, Greece.

He is the owner of companies VekkosGarden and ECOVRS. He has participated in more than 200 green projects that include private and public projects. He has also participated in the team that represented Greece at the exhibition FLORIADE 2012 in VENLO, Holland and participated in the planning of the Greek participation in the exhibition TAIPEI FLORA EXPO 2010. He has two international publications in scientific journals about plant physiology and more than 10 presentations of works in Greek journals. His love for more green led to the new collaboration with Mr. Papanastasopoulos and the creation of a new company named ECOVERTI.

Γιώργος Λιακόπουλος
Scientific advisor

Dr. Georgios Liakopoulos


Agriculturalist, Associate Professor of Plant Stress Physiology, Department of Plant Production Science, Agricultural University of Athens.

He has received two scholarships for studies in Greece. In addition to the Agricultrual University of Athens, he has worked at the University of Ioannina and the Τechnological Institute of Kalamata. He has published more than 50 papers in scientific journals and books, 60 papers in Greek and international conferences, seven books (authored or translated). He has participated in six competitive programs. His scientific work has received more than 800 citations. His research interests include photosynthesis and photoprotection under stress, the relationship between leaf structure and function, the optical properties of plant tissues, and the role of secondary metabolites in plant physiology and ecophysiology.

Φώσκολος eocverti

Nikos Foskolos

Sales Manager

B.Sc. in Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural University of Athens, Msc in Agricultural Science, Msc in Agricultural Engineering.

Nikos has studied at the Agricultural University of Athens, in the Department of Natural Resources Utilization & Agricultural Engineering, specializing in Water Resources Management.

In the past he has worked in the field of Promotion & Advertising and for a number of years in a position of responsibility in customer service. In recent years he has been involved in the sales industry for a large irrigation systems company.

His love for plants but especially the company's sustainability driven approach was enough to get him enthusiastically following along in this new venture.

Sousana Papanastasopoulou

Management & Sales Department

Susana Papanastassopoulou is a Graduate of the Department of Business Administration of the Athens University of Applied Sciences (2003). She has an excellent knowledge of the English language and a very good knowledge of French. She has worked for many years as management and sales support alongside business consultants and in the commercial department of the IMAKO publishing company.

Since 2018, she has been working as management support at KIPODIATHESI and based on healthy cooperation and responsibility, she has contributed to the further development of the business, which is one of the two main branches of ECOVERTI.